Mega Revelations! ´2014

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Continuing their journey to Shalour City, our heroes are approached by an energetic Trainer named Korrina. She challenges Ash to a battle, hoping to extend her winning streak to 99 in a row-and succeeds! Korrina introduces herself as the Shalour City Gym Leader and explains that she vowed to win 100 battles in a row before heading to Geosenge Town to find the Mega Stone that will allow her Lucario to Mega Evolve. The Team Rocket trio manage to get their hands on Lucario and Pikachu and make their escape. But thanks to the bond between Korrina and Lucario, she can track its presence. She and Ash team up in a Tag Battle against Jessie and James, and as they send Team Rocket blasting off again, Korrina claims her 100th victory! Our heroes really want to come along to see Lucario's Mega Evolution, and Korrina agrees-so they're all off to Geosenge Town!

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