Episode #1.1 ´2015

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In the near future synths - synthetic humans - are robots who resemble people in every way beyond having emotions and are seen as an ideal workforce. Joe Hawkins buys one to help his busy wife Laura with their children and they call her Anita. She is a model of efficiency and little daughter Sophie loves her though the elder girl Matty is jealous of her and soon Laura starts to find her creepy. They are unaware that Anita is one of three synths with the potential to develop human feelings who are being tracked by a man called Leo with his synth Max after they were abducted. One, Niska, is now a sex worker whilst Fred is being examined for his human qualities. Elsewhere elderly widower George Millican seeks to protect Odi, the synth who has become like a son to him after Odi malfunctions in a store and George is ordered to dispose of him.

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