Prophets ´2014

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Because of his penchant for gunfire, Reese is placed under mandatory therapy and surveillance by Internal Affairs. He may find it difficult to lie to the therapist, Dr. Iris Campbell, about his undercover life. As Reese is preoccupied with these matters as well as the mountain of paperwork from those shootings, Finch assigns the next number to Shaw. That number belongs to Simon Lee, a pollster for Governor James Murray, who is seeking reelection. Lee is seen as a wunderkind, who knows how to predict poll numbers accurately, he having done so for ten straight elections for his winning side. On election day, he has Murray at a 52/48 edge over his competitor, Michelle Perez. However, the election results do not match his poll numbers. In searching, Lee has found voter fraud which he is intent on reporting to authorities. However, Finch, Shaw and Root discover who was behind that voter fraud, and as such know that Lee's life is in danger if he continues on his quest to report this information. They have to do whatever necessary to keep Lee hidden, not only for his own safety but their own as well. Through it all, Finch and Root have a philosophical disagreement about the nature of the Machine, from the perspective of its creator against that of its devoted follower.

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