Asylum ´2015

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The gangland war between Dominic/The Brotherhood and Elias is ramping up, with four of the Brotherhood found murdered without the Machine foreseeing that happening. The next numbers the Machine does dispense are for Elias and Dominic themselves. Reese and Fusco take the lead on this issue, which includes finding out why the Machine didn't see the deaths happening. But the more important issue is how Dominic and Elias' seeming battle will emerge from the other side, i.e. if either will still be standing. Meanwhile, Root receives a message implying that Shaw is still alive. Despite both she and Finch realizing that it may be a trap, they still pursue the lead on the scant possibility that she still is alive and needs their help. Finch is a reluctant participant, but feels he has to follow Root, who takes some extraordinary measures to prove her determination in finding Shaw. In the end, they may have to make some tough decisions in seeing which is the higher priority between Shaw's life, their lives or the Machine's life. What the team is unaware of is that Control is working on her own mission with regard to Samaritan.

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