Terra Incognita ´2015

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The next number the team receives from the Machine belongs to twenty-something Chase Patterson. Reese volunteers to be the lead. He decides to exclude totally the rest of the team from the case when he learns that Chase was involved in a homicide seven years ago, that investigation which was led by Carter - her first as detective - and which is still unsolved. He makes this decision to feel closer to Carter. In that homicide, Chase's entire wealthy family was murdered, with Chase, a recovering junkie, being the prime suspect, the thought being that he wanted drug money. Carter, however, did not believe Chase to be the perpetrator. Chase escaped to Paris during the investigation, only now to return seven years later. In trying to solve that cold case on Carter's behalf, Reese follows many of the same paths Carter did. As such, Reese remembers back to a stakeout where he and Carter, alone, talked about their lives. During the process, Carter's spirit is never far from Reese, which may be the only thing that keeps him alive during this case. Meanwhile, Finch, Fusco and Root are left to deal with an inter-gang slaying, which leaves two of Dominic's men dead, the only survivor left at the scene being Carlo, one of Elias' men. They have to figure out if the Machine is functioning properly as it did not detect these murders happening.

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