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The next number from the Machine that Reese is tasked with tracking is Frankie Wells, who just arrived in the city four days ago from Florida. Her new job as a hostess at an illegal gambling club masks her true mission as a bounty hunter of nabbing Ray Pratt, the club's operator. Ray skipped bail three months ago on charges of conspiracy to commit several crimes in conjunction with gambling and prostitution mogul, Carlton Worthy. A familiar face pops up into Ray's life, she who adds a level of complexity to Frankie capturing Ray, and to Reese fully discovering why Frankie's number came up. A second number the Machine dispenses is for Beth Bridges, the woman that Finch met in Hong Kong. Finch has long been working on a secret project which involves Beth, as she gets unwittingly involved with Greer and Samaritan. As Beth's number came up immediately as he sat down with her in their latest meeting, Finch, initially believing that her life is in danger because of her involvement with Samaritan, asks Root for help in protecting Beth. But Finch sees that Beth being in danger may have nothing to do with Samaritan but other things in her personal life. Ultimately, Finch and Root may be at cross purposes in what they are trying to achieve both concerning why Beth's number came up and Finch's secret project. Meanwhile, Dr. Campbell gives Reese more than one piece of surprising news, all related to the same issue.

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