Guilty ´2015

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Feeling a bit battered by the recent goings-on directed by Samaritan, Finch and Reese have hit a backlog of numbers, many of which have already resolved themselves badly in the team's absence, now with only three outstanding missing persons cases. With Root off trying to find information on Shaw on her own, they decide that they will no longer involve Fusco in not wanting anyone else but who started as their original two person team to get hurt in the process of the work. Finch also has to deal with "Harold Whistler" being called for jury duty, something that Finch feels he at least has to make an appearance at in not wanting to draw attention to himself to Samaritan. Despite Finch's best efforts, he is unable to get himself off from actual jury duty, being called to sit on the trial of Chad Bryson, charged with the murder of his wife, Caroline Mills, the CEO of Infinince Telecommunications, which is developing revolutionary new wireless technology. The prosecution's claim is that Chad, who failed at business himself, was emasculated by his wife's business success, and rather than divorce which would leave him with nothing... In the meantime, Reese receives the next number from the Machine, that belonging to Emma Blake, one of Finch's fellow jurors and one of the few who made no effort to try and get out of jury duty. She is a high school teacher, forty-one years in the business until she was recently forced into early retirement. Finch and Reese eventually learn that she is being threatened by an unknown person to fix the outcome of the trial, they assume by someone working for Bryson in wanting an acquittal. She was probably chosen because of her general unassuming yet intelligent nature, which would not draw attention to herself, yet be a voice of authority to the other jurors. For her own reasons, their old friend, Zoe Morgan, inserts herself into the case. Their missions are to find out who the fixer is working on Bryson's behalf, and for Finch, in his role as juror, to neutralize Emma's voice in the deliberation. Meanwhile, Reese is nearing the end of his mandated sessions with Dr. Campbell. In part because she seems to have a better handle on him than he would have suspected, Reese decides for the first time in a long time to open up about himself... at least a little.

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