A House Divided ´2014

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Decima has completed its beta test of Samaritan and has now shut it down temporarily as Greer has to get the politicos, namely Garrison, to buy into the need to purchase it in the name of national security. Greer needs this to happen as they require the government feeds for Samaritan to operate properly. With Finch now being held by Greer and Decima, Reese believes that their first priority should be to retrieve him. However, Root, in her continuing contact with the Machine, convinces Reese and Shaw that the Machine is telling her that Finch, for the time being, is safe, and that they have to deal with the next number. As the Machine does not have an overall picture of what will happen, it provides five numbers for the team to investigate on its behalf. Some of those numbers are for people familiar to the team, which gives them a good idea if these numbers are the targets or the perpetrators. The fifth number is one who they have to do some digging to discover the person's identity. But as they work through the process, they will find that they must get into bed with unusual bedfellows all in the name of the bigger goal. Meanwhile, Root enlists some special help with her specific task. Finch and Greer, being together, have a philosophical chat about what they see as the purpose of their respective machines. And in flashbacks, the reason behind Collier being involved with Vigilance is presented.

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