RAM ´2014

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2010. Finch has just received the latest number from the Machine, on which he will work with his operative, Rick Dillinger. The two have an uneasy relationship. Dillinger doesn't fully trust Finch as Finch tells him nothing beyond what he needs to know for the number in question, while Finch believes Dillinger is too self-interested and takes too many risks, both which may be liabilities for the work in general. That number belongs to Daniel Casey, who works as a freelance computer hacker, hired by companies to try and break into their systems. Two months earlier, he seemed to go underground, which leads to Finch and Dillinger believing that he may have found some information in his computer hacking that someone wants or that his clients want hidden. That does end up being the case, as he seems to want to turn that information over to someone in authority who can protect him. Finch and Dillinger will find out that more than one group is after him, one group that wants the information, another who wants to kill him for having the information in the first place. Finch ends up having mixed emotions in helping Daniel, who may actually know more about what's going on than Finch would like.

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