Last Call ´2014

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The next number the team receives is for 911 call operator and trainer, Sandra Nicholson, who has an exemplary on-the-job record. Finch has gone undercover as a 911 operator in the same call center, where he is able to monitor her calls. Finch believes he has the incident which the Machine saw as she takes the call of a young boy named Aaron, who is eventually kidnapped by the men who broke into his house. This incident being the one (the Machine saw) becomes a certainty when the lead kidnapper calls Sandra on her own cell phone, he seemingly knowing much about her and being able to see every move she makes within the call center. Finch passes along whatever information he can to Reese and Shaw, who are following the cell phone call signal, which proves to be more difficult than first anticipated. Finch has to find out why Sandra is targeted by digging into her past, while he tries to help her, knowing that he has to elude whoever is watching her. Fusco can only provide limited assistance as his capture of Simmons has led to both him being in high demand from his colleagues and also tightening the movements of any officers and detectives. Of all the cases on which he is asked to assist, he decides to help recent transfer, Detective Jake Harrison, on the murder of a young woman named Tara Cook. Fusco gets some unexpected help in the matter while he helps Finch with a task.

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