C.O.D. ´2012

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Reese and Finch's next number may be their most difficult to date if only because there is not on the surface any clear indication who he may be a target of or who he may be targeting, and because of the large number of non-connected people he encounters every day. He is Fermin Ordoñez, who defected to the United States from Cuba as a major league prospect, leaving behind a wife and child in Cuba in search for this better life for them all eventually. An injury ended his pro ball aspirations, and now he ekes out a living as a cabbie. He is trying to smuggle his family out of Cuba, but his contact is requesting more money than he has available. As Reese tails him, Carter learns that one of his recent fares is found dead, with the Secret Service involved. Through that murder, Reese discovers that the murder was because of something that was left in Fermin's cab that may be a breach of national security. Reese and Fermin have to find that now missing item as leverage to protect him against the people who murdered his fare and who will continue killing until they retrieve that item. Meanwhile, HR is trying to resurrect itself despite the investigation into their activities. Their current manoeuvrings place Fusco in a difficult position.

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