Til Death ´2012

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The machine unusually dispenses two numbers simultaneously belonging to husband and wife, Daniel and Sabrina Drake, who own their own small but lucrative publishing firm. Their marriage is despite their differing backgrounds, Sabrina who had a privileged upbringing, while Daniel grew up in working class Flatbush. Reese and Finch believe they are the intended targets, most specifically of Maryland militia leader Wade Huggins, on who their firm published an exposé. However, they eventually learn that the Drakes are not only the targets, but they are also the perpetrators, as each has contracted a hit on their spouse. The latest issue in their now troubled marriage centers on Daniel's want to sell controlling interest of their business, while Sabrina wants to retain control. After coming to the conclusion that they do need to protect both husband and wife, Reese and Finch realize that they not only have to stop the respective hit men from carrying out their contracts, but have to figure out how to stop both the Drakes from wanting to kill the other. Meanwhile, Reese, Finch and Carter try to figure out why Fusco is being so evasive, their primary concern being that he is getting into something bad. Finch can't help but think about his lost love, Grace Hendricks. And Carter may enter into a new relationship of her own.

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