Bury the Lede ´2012

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Protecting the latest number that the machine dispenses will be difficult for Reese and Finch because of the large number of potential perpetrators of the crime due to the enemies she's acquired through her work. She is investigative New York Journal reporter Maxine Angelis, who has a bulldog mentality when it comes to getting the story. She is working on three stories concurrently, each which have its potential perpetrators. The first is illegal campaign fund-raising for current New York City councilor and mayoral candidate Ed Griffin, who is running against idealistic district attorney Landon Walker. The second is uncovering the head of HR, which has several New York City police, formerly including Fusco, in its back pocket. This aspect of the case places Fusco in a difficult position in his current role as Reese's inside man into HR. She gets an anonymous tip that the head of HR may be Christopher Zambrano, the son of a mafia don, a lead which she follows relentlessly. And third, which may place Reese in a difficult position in trying to protect her, is uncovering the identity of who the authorities are calling the suited man who comes out of nowhere to save the day but in the process uses less than legal means to do so. Finch comes up with what he believes a solution to have Reese get close to her without divulging his identity as the wanted suited man. But as Reese gets close to Maxine in this role, he finds that things are not quite as clear cut as they seem on the surface. As such, Reese and Finch call in the assistance of an old friend.

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