Booked Solid ´2013

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Reese and Finch get jobs as a bellhop and concierge respectively at the upscale, 700 guest Coronet Hotel where the next number, Mira Dobrica, works as a maid. They figure that whatever will happen by or to Mira will happen at the hotel since she works 60 hour weeks there. Mira is a streetwise woman, who arrived in the US in 1999 as a refugee from the war in Kosovo. Reese and Finch believe she will be the target. Figuring out who the perpetrator is will be difficult as the 700 guests are primarily unknown. After their initial stint at the hotel, they believe the case will have to do either with the illegal side operations of the hotel's front of house manager, the overly officious Derek Fowler, something in Mira's background from the Kosovo war, or whatever their old friend Zoe Morgan is working on, she who is wandering around the hotel. What they are unaware of is that they have an outside threat from two different parties that have been tracking them. Meanwhile, SAIC Brian Moss, reading through Donnelly's old files, re-offers Carter a field op position with the FBI. Carter agrees to the hiring process, the only part about which she is nervous is the mandatory polygraph test, most specifically as the questions may relate to Reese and Finch. Finch gives her some pointers on how to get over the polygraph. The test process and results aren't exactly what Carter anticipates.

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