2 Pi R ´2013

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Special Agent Donnelly has Reese, along with three other men, in seventy-two hour custody on Riker's Island. With Finch's help, Carter is in unofficial charge of helping Reese get out of custody without disclosing to Donnelly that Reese is indeed the "man in the suit" that Donnelly considers the most dangerous man on the loose. Although Carter has a plan to do so, she may find that tenacious Donnelly may not let Reese and the other three go so easily if he has not yet found out which one is the man in the suit. Meanwhile, Finch, largely with Fusco's help, is handling their next number, that of Brooklyn high school student Caleb Phipps. Caleb is an average student and comes from a poor family, living alone with his single alcoholic mother, whose drinking problem may stem from the grief over the death of Caleb's older brother, Ryan, two years earlier. Ryan, who was with Caleb at the time and who witnessed the incident, was pushed into the path of a subway train, although official reports state that he fell onto the tracks accidentally. Caleb seems to be having problems with the drug dealing gang at school, who may be targeting him. Finch also learns that Caleb's average grades masks the fact that he is a mathematical genius. In uncovering the reason why Caleb hides his genius, why the accident report on Ryan's death was a manufactured lie by the transit cop, and what Caleb's connection to the drug dealers is, Finch may find out who Caleb is the target of, or conversely who he is targeting.

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