Get Carter ´2011

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Reese is dismayed to learn that the next number that the machine dispenses is someone that he respects and admires: Detective Carter. In the process, he and Finch learn more about her, including that she is a single mother and a war veteran. They are however unaware of how her military life has affected her police work. As a principled and clean cop, Carter has many enemies, both inside and outside the force. Reese and Finch believe that the attempt on her life that the machine sees will come from one of three sources. The first is the current primary case on which she is working, where one of her snitches, a young black man named Ronny Middleton, is gunned down in a drive-by, with the suspected killer being a gun runner by the name of Hector Alvarez. The second is the chronic domestic abuse case of Mr. and Mrs. Kovach, the latter who, at the last minute, always comes to her husband's defense. Carter is worried that Mrs. Kovach won't be able to defend him the next time he beats her since she will have died by his hands. And the third is her and Reese's old friend Elias, who may be worried that Carter will want to close the forty year old case by his capture or death. Reese knows that he needs to take a risk by getting closer to Carter than usual, so relies on Fusco more than ever.

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