Mission Creep ´2011

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Joey Durban, a just returned veteran of Afghanistan conflict, is the next case for Reese and Finch. On the surface, Joey seems to be just another vet trying to adjust to civilian life, which includes reuniting with his long time girlfriend Pia Moresco and trying to eke out a living working as a doorman at an upscale residential complex. As Reese begins to follow him, Joey seems to have a secret life, which includes a relationship with a single mother. But the larger issue is that Joey works within a band of robbers, who rob a bank while on Reese's watch. Finch is initially confused as the machine only identifies violent crimes, and the robberies Joey has committed has had no violence associated. Reese, however, believes that Joey is the father of the young child and is committing the robberies to support the child and mother. He also believes that one of Joey's associates is the one who is planning on killing Joey. The only way Reese can find out for sure is to infiltrate the gang as one of their own, which may entail him joining in on their crimes. A further problem for Reese is that Carter has been notified by the robbery division that Reese's fingerprints were discovered at the latest bank robbery, which could be the break she is looking for in tracking Reese. Meanwhile, this case makes Reese reminisce about his own past relationship with Jessica, specifically after his return to the US from an extended overseas deployment.

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