Wolf and Cub ´2012

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The latest case that Reese and Finch work on will be without Finch for much as he rebuilds his computer and library from the recent threat. The next number the machine dispenses belongs to fourteen year old Darren McGrady. When Reese first investigates, he finds that Darren's older brother and legal guardian, Travis McGrady, was just murdered - shot point blank - and Darren has since escaped from the authorities as they were in the process of transferring him to Child Services. Reese quickly finds Darren, who seems to want to avenge his brother's murder on his own. Three young men are known to have killed Travis. Darren is about to shoot one of the three, Brick, when Reese and Carter apprehend Darren and Brick. While Carter deals with Brick in custody, Reese, with Darren at his side, tracks the other two, Curtis and Trim. While Darren wants Reese to take the direct approach by shooting Curtis and Trim directly, Reese believes a better solution is to look at the bigger picture of who they are. Reese soon learns that Brick, Curtis and Trim aren't just low level thugs, but are highly paid criminals, who have more than their fair share of muscle behind them. A problem may continue to be Darren, who has a mind of his own and has a penchant for running away when things aren't going the way he wants. Meanwhile Finch is concerned that Will is getting close to discovering the fact of the machine. And Fusco reports back to Reese about one of Finch's many aliases.

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