Legacy ´2012

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Reese finally decides to meet with Carter, who, by helping him and Finch in their next case, is provided a little insight into what he and Finch do. Reese is hoping that Carter will see the merit in their association despite the illegal nature of many of his and Finch's actions. Regardless, Reese decides not to tell either Carter or Fusco of their mutual association. That next case is of a young attorney named Andrea Gutierrez, a woman originally from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks, and who has gone deep into debt in financing both her schooling and independent legal business. Her six previous cases have all been for ex-cons who have had a grudge against some aspect of the justice system which has done them wrong. She is hoping that one of these low level cases will be her breakthrough to what she sees as a more lucrative legal career. Her seventh and latest case, which is no different, is representing Terrence King, an ex-con who was sent back to jail on a parole violation. Reese and Finch believe Andrea's violent incident will be associated to King or one of her past clients. In further digging, they find connections between that violent incident to King's less than caring parole officer, Dominic Galuska, and Terrence's son Jacob King who is currently in foster care because of Terrence's imprisonment. Meanwhile, Reese hopes to find out more about Finch's private life through a reconnection Finch makes with someone from his past.

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