Verbis Diablo ´2015

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Vanessa survives a nighttime visit from the three witches and Sir Malcolm promises to do his best to protect her. He shows her a soup kitchen and medical clinic of sorts where he donates some of his time and money. There, Vanessa meets the Creature. Sir Malcolm meets Mrs. Poole in a department store where she mesmerizes him. Ethan, Vanessa, Dr. Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm invite Ferdinand Lyle to translate the verbis diablo for them. He tells them that in the 11th century, a monk named Father Gregory claimed he was possessed by a demon who spoke to him in the verbis diablo. He wrote down what he was told and those artifacts are now in the British Museum. Dr. Frankenstein meanwhile has successfully reanimated Lily but he struggles with his own feelings for her. She quickly learns to speak - and has lost her accent - but has no memory of her past life. Dorian Gray meets Angelique, who works in a brothel. Finally, Insp. Rusk visits Warren Roper, one of the men who was severely injured in the attack at the Mariner's Inn. At this stage, the doctors have no idea if he will ever again be able to speak.

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