Fresh Hell ´2015

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At the Mariner's Inn, Ethan Chandler awakes from another of his blackouts to find those that those who threatened him are all dead. He joins Vanessa for a carriage ride to tell her about the blackouts - he has no idea what happens to him - and what he normally finds when he awakens. He's decided to leave London but before he can even finish his story, the carriage is attacked by three female creatures. Vanessa is clearly their target but she and Ethan survive with only minor injuries. Sir Malcolm Murray returns and she tells him the creatures spoke the Verbis Diabo, a dead language known as the word of the devil which according to legend is the language Adam spoke in Eden after the devil tempted him. Vanessa says the women were Nightcomers, witches. Meanwhile, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is now ready to reanimate Brona Croft and needs only for the weather to cooperate. The Creature finds a job at Putney's Family Waxworks where the owner, Oscar Putney, is working on his latest tableau, the Mariner's Inn Massacre. Elsewhere, police Inspector Rusk investigates the murders at the inn.

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