Skytanic ´2010

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Trudy Beekman books the last passage on the rigid airship, Excelsior, which runs on non-flammable helium and is the next big thing in luxury travel. With a single route between London and New York, gambling, duty free shopping, fine dining and various forms of pampering are a few of the many amenities available during a 24-hour tour. When the Captain of Excelsior receives a bomb threat, ISIS steps forward to thwart the disaster. Ms. Micromanager arranges to be aboard; Archer and Lana are also there, posing as a married couple. The usual stowaways, Carol/Cheryl and Pam, are joined by Cyril, posing as a fruit basket boy, in order to spy on Lana. Carol/Cheryl seduces Cyril into choke sex, Cyril gads about wearing Malory's lingerie and Pam watches. When Archer loses his lovely "wife" to the Sheik in an indecent proposal at the gaming table, Archer sends Lana to his lair, the Von Zeppelin suite. For sheist and giggles, Archer sends Cyril there, where Cyril catches the Sheik in his turban and Lana in her Fiacci knockoffs. Lana declares she and Cyril are on a time-out. The gang is not surprised to learn that Malory staged the entire bomb scare just to get her arch rival bumped from the maiden voyage. In an ironic twist, Archer and Lana discover genuine danger aboard Excelsior. Oh, the humanity! The NATO phonetic alphabet (and the country of Wales) will never be the same!

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