The Champagne Reflection ´2014

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Leonard, Howard and Raj are cleaning out the office of recently deceased Professor Roger Abbott. Rather than check through the material to save anything of worth as they are supposed to do, they largely throw everything out without reading through it, until Leonard comes across a fifty year old gift to the professor from his mother. That gift makes the three think about his material with a little more reverence, especially those notes which they don't understand. Their quest leads them to Professor Sharpe, Professor Abbott's long time office mate who may be able to shed some light on the life and work of Professor Abbott. Regardless, this task ends up making the three think about their own scientific legacies. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy are filming what will be the 232nd and last episode of Fun with Flags, as Sheldon has decided he no longer has the time to devote to it. Despite Sheldon being able to convince a reluctant LeVar Burton to appear, the episode may ultimately be marred by the fact this episode was not the 233rd. And Penny and Bernadette are attending a company social event. Penny and her boss Dan continue to bond over the fact that Bernadette scares them and everyone else in the company. As her friend, Penny decides to tell Bernadette what everyone thinks of her, with some unexpected consequences.

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  • IMDB rating: 6.7
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Duration: 22 min
  • Country: USA

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