Tying the Knot ´2014

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Alicia, as always, has a lot on her plate. She finally gets client Colin Sweeney to sign off on a merger with less than an hour to go before the documents have to be filed with the court. Sweeney's engagement party is underway and unfortunate one of the guests, Morgan Donnelly, hangs herself in the bathroom. Only the police don't think it's suicide but murder. Det. Lou Johnson is intrigued by the fact that this is the second time Alicia has been in Sweeney's house when a death has occurred. Alicia begins to wonder if Sweeney was in her view the entire time she said he was. The police arrest Sweeney's fiancée, Renata Ellard. Eli meanwhile is worried when a picture of Zach holding a bong appears on a website. Finn Polmar has been taken off a couple of the firms cases so Alicia suggests he run against SA James Castro in the upcoming election as he would be protected and can't be fired.

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