All Tapped Out ´2014

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With Alicia home sick, Cary tells Diane Lockhart there are conditions attached to any possible merger. Diane decides not to proceed but David Lee has another prospective partner and they soon merge with Louis Canning's firm. Alicia also represents Finn Polmar, the ASA who was in the courtroom with Will Gardner when he was shot. It's clear the new State's Attorney has every intention of laying the blame for the shooting at Finn's feet. The NSA's surveillance of Alicia begins to unravel when one of the employees monitoring her seeks legal advice from the firm over a possible security infraction, eventually telling them of the surveillance. She warns Peter and he contacts a U.S. Senator who sits on the Intelligence Committee who assures him his conversations aren't being monitored. Peter has away of testing that and getting the NSA out of their lives.

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