Anatomy of a Joke ´2012

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Alicia and Will defend Therese Dodd, a stand up comic, who is being sued by a television network for exposing her breasts on live television. The network is protecting itself against any possible fine by the FCC and their lawyer, Burl Preston, suggests that if they can make the FCC tow the line, they'll drop the lawsuit. Alicia and Carey head off to Washington but Dodd keeps going off the agreed script. Carey bumps into his estranged father, a Washington lobbyist. Laura Hellinger has left the military and Alicia agrees to provide a reference for her. She does something better. There are new allegations against Peter and the claim he had an affair with one of his campaign workers. Kalinda learns who has been behind the smear campaign. Clarke Hayden tries to get Burl Preston to buy Lockhart Gardner.

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