Invitation to an Inquest ´2013

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Alicia and Will represents her friend Janie Ludwig when her husband, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Roger Ludwig, is killed in a car accident. The insurance company is refusing to pay out on his $2 million insurance policy arguing negligence as he was talking on his cellphone at the time of the accident. When the lawyers start scoring points, the insurance company representative suggests that the judge may have committed suicide. Kalinda and Robyn get evidence he may have been forced off the road - meaning he was murdered. Cary meanwhile is pleased when a major pharmaceutical firm hires Lockhart Gardner giving him all of the credit. He's happy to get the credit but somewhat taken aback when he learns his father had something to do with it. Peter Florrick win the Democratic primary for Governor but Eli and Jordan become aware of a problem - with the parents of Zack's girlfriend Nisa.

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