Crabtree Mania ´2015

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Detective Murdoch and Constable Crabtree investigate the death of Handsome Randolph Henderson, a professional wrestler. Initially, Crabtree was convinced that Henderson died from a head slam inflicted on him by his ring opponent, the Masked Mauler but Dr. Grace finds no head injury but rather that he died from a large dose of morphine. As he investigates further, a disbelieving Crabtree learns that many of the ring moves are fake and that the outcomes of the matches are predetermined. The wrestling promoter, Victor McAllister, is careful to protect the myth that this is a professional sport and forbids any of his employees to speak to the police. The police have a witness but the killer was wearing a mask. Meanwhile, Julia and the other suffragettes receive an offer of support from the temperance movement - provided of course they support that movements views about liquor and other issues. Not everyone is comfortable with the offer.

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