Twentieth Century Murdoch ´2012

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It's Christmas-time and the dawn of the new century but for Detective Murdoch, there are crimes to be solved. Gideon Turner escapes custody and prevents a man from being killed on the street. He claims knew it was going to happen because he has traveled to the to the future. Murdoch is dubious, needless to say, and has Turner examined by Dr. Roberts at the insane asylum where he also meets Julia Ogden who has taken an interest in psychiatry. The man behind it all is Dr. Harms and as his time machine begins to gain believers, he seems to be making a fortune. Murdoch is convinced there is a realistic scientific explanation for what is happening. Meanwhile, Crabtree frets over asking Dr. Grace to accompany him to the Policeman's Ball on New Year's Eve and Inspector Brackenreid weighs a job offer.

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