Snakes and Ladders ´2009

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When Alberta Moffat is found gutted, Murdoch begins to wonder what they have on their hands. They are told by a Scotland Yard detective, Edward Scanlan, that he has been pursuing a suspect, Harlen Orgill, across the Empire. He also suggests that the man may be Jack the Ripper. Moffat worked as a laundress and her mother does not accept the suggestion that she was a streetwalker as well. They soon find a second victim, Gloria Abercrombie, who had recently moved to Toronto. She had no police record and was on her way home after working late at night as a seamstress. Murdoch consults Dr. Roberts in the hope of getting him to prepare a psychological profile of the killer. Using a new invention, an ultra violent light, he finds where the murders took place. He also discovers one thing that both victims had in common. Meanwhile, Dr. Ogden accepts William's invitation to the Dinosaur Ball but there's only one problem: he can't dance.

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