Rule Fifty-One ´2010

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Gibbs has interesting chats with Paloma Reynosa, the head of the Reynosa drug cartel in Mexico, and with others; Tony and Ziva fly to Mexico to return the body of Hernandez and to pick up the bodies of Col. Bell and others and haul them back to Washington, DC; they also meet Gibbs and take him back home. Vance talks with Gibbs, Ducky talks with MAllison, and Gibbs talks with Abby; then Tony, McGee, and Ziva meet an aircraft and arrest a bad guy, who promptly dies in a gunfight. Vance and Gibbs talk in code. Ziva attends an important ceremony, along with the rest of the gang, all except Gibbs and Tony; instead MAllison delays Gibbs, and Tony, on the orders of Vance, goes back to observe and report in Mexico, where he runs into Franks, who says that he can pull a trigger with his right thumb. Gibbs experiences flashbacks and fantasies, and he drafts rule 51. Paloma meets Jackson Gibbs in Stillwater, Pennsylvania. [To be continued next season.]

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