Reznikov, N. ´2013

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The LAPD has reported that one or more people have abducted Reinhardt, an immigrant man from Germany; Hetty, on Granger's order, sends G to Camp Pendleton; she then sends Sam and Granger to check out the crime scene while Kensi and Deeks work with Eric and Nell; G, smelling something, furtively tails Sam and Granger to the house, where he barges in and finds a written message addressed to him; against Hetty's objections G continues to sniff around, and he finds pictures of himself through the years; Eric figures out the who, and G says that he knows the why; G disappears and visits Arkady; the two of them then deal with a minor problem; G leaves Arkady, and Kensi and Deeks take him to the boatshed; Arkady tells Hetty that he knows Reinhardt; G arranges a meet, which goes awry; Sam and Granger become involved, and Kensi and Deeks arrive and turn it around; Hetty and Arkady tell G the rest of the story, then G at his pad watches an old home flick.

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