Three Hearts ´2014

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While in disguises G and Sam abduct Paul, an undercover NCIS agent, who has investigated Tyler, suspected of using a civilian transport ship of the Military Sealift Command (of the US Navy) to smuggle contraband into the USA; three weeks ago Paul's handlers lost all communication with him; those in charge wonder whether Paul has gone over to the other side. Kensi and Deeks join Hetty and Granger while the latter debrief Paul at the shed; G and Sam check out Tyler's estate and find a body inside the house; Kensi figures out one part of Paul; she and Deeks chat with each other; Sam negotiates a deal, so G and Tyler meet each other while Kensi and Deeks watch; Paul gives Hetty an explanation and a safe word, which backfires; the action starts, and the team ends on top; Granger tells Paul that the third heart is that of a traitor; Hetty cuts the strings of a puppet. Deeks says that raccoons mate for life, Kensi opens a box, and Hetty calls the end of a beginning.

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