Windfall ´2014

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Two foreign thugs approach a discharged Marine, Davis, and demand money, but he kills one, and the other escapes; Davis has also served in Iraq as a private security contractor; he has more recently finished a prison sentence for his embezzlement of funds intended for the reconstruction of Iraq; Nell says that the thugs were Al-Qaeda sympathizers; Davis's former business partner, Stanfill, is now a successful business in Los Angeles. Hetty assigns Kensi to work temporarily with Eric while Nell goes with Deeks into the field. Deeks and Nell visit Stanfill, who withholds cooperation; Nell finds inconsistencies, and Eric finds a contradiction, so G and Sam go to Stanfill's pad and then find his body and a cache of cash; the foursome make another house call and get two surprises; Eric gets a lead on a jukebox joint, so G and Sam check it out; the pieces fall into place, the gang set a trap, and the bad guys trip it. Hetty returns Kensi to field work.

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