Between the Lines ´2014

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In Los Angeles a local gang detect an ATF undercover agent, Clark, torture him, force him to make a recorded confession, and execute him; Clark was a member of a joint task force (with the US Navy), investigating sailors (from visiting ships) suspected of criminal activity while on liberty ashore. Eric says that the setting of the video clip is a garage somewhere in Little Tokyo; Deeks talks with Clark's boss and another agent, Bower; G and Sam find Clark's body and a clue, and they grab a runner, who shares; Kensi leaves the base in Afghanistan and rides into trouble; Sam gets a ride to some relaxation at a club, and Deeks finds a body; Sam has good luck and bad luck, then he meets a new friend; G and Deeks meet Bower, Deeks creates a diversion, and G, Deeks, and Bower join Sam on the inside; G and Sam find a leak and take care of it; the team find all the threads and bring them together; Kensi asks to see the White Ghost, but she meets only silence.

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