Allegiance ´2014

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A man on a stakeout later dies in an explosion of his car; the LAPD contacts the Callen team, who investigate; the victim was an undercover agent of the FinCEN (an enforcement bureau of the US Department of the Treasury), who had looked into the hawala system (an ancient Middle Eastern technique for informal anonymous transfers of funds). In Kabul, Afghanistan, Kensi and Granger visit two undercover agents; Granger passes on to the team in LA that someone in LA has funded terrorist acts against US troops in Afghanistan; he further directs them to find the leak and plug it. Sam and Keeks put on a show for a rug dealer, then grab his son, and take him to the shed; Deeks goes undercover with a new temporary partner; Kensi and Granger enter a hospital and find supplies; the gang in LA learn of the possibility of an imminent terrorist attack there; G, Sam, Deeks, and the temp set into motion and thwart a major tragedy, then the tempo takes an oath.

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