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Dead Body Politic ´2012

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In Sherman Oaks, a neighborhood within Los Angeles, a man dies on impact in a hit-and-run traffic incident; a videotape shows that the killing was deliberate; the victim was Clay, a member of the staff of Monica, an atypical candidate running for the US Senate; Granger and G agree that, if the death is related to the campaign, then it's a matter of national security, so Callen and company investigate. Kensi and Deeks visit Clay's pad, where they find a clue; G and Sam visit the campaign headquarters, where they chat with Monica, and where a campaign worker hands them a disturbing clue; Kensi goes undercover as the replacement for Clay; Eric and Nell find a lead, and G and Sam pursue it; Kensi goes with Monica into the field, where a sniper opens fire; Kensi puts Monica on the deck; Monica decides to withdraw; Hetty takes a fresh look at the circumstances; the team figure out the puzzle, and Kensi nails the person responsible; Monica resumes her campaign.

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