Deliverance ´2010

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Intrigue and violence continue around Los Angeles, California, as does the search for a "little black bloody book"; a county mountie stops a red Mustang, and the driver executes the cop on the spot; Hetty calls the team to Cole's room and directs them to find the book. Deeks says that the same shooters killed both Cole and the cop, and Kensi says that they're Russians; Eric finds a clue about Renner's bank accounts, and Nell finds a key to a safe-deposit box, then the gang play games with their friends and "cousins", during which the Russkis grab Kensi and go. Nell alters a book, and the team prepares for a swap; the musketeers go to a stadium and take part in a series of events; Deeks rescues Kensi; G and Sam discover a double cross. Hetty tells Mattias about the little black book. G, Sam, and Deeks meet with Mattias and review certain facts with him and make a solemn promise to him. Hetty finally places a book into another safe-deposit box.

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