Keepin' It Real ´2009

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A Marine corporal, Brandon, with PTSD (assigned to the supply depot at Camp Pendleton after returning from Iraq) dies by falling 227 feet from a party on the roof of a hotel in Los Angeles; the LAPD rules the death as a suicide; due to connections the SecNav causes the Callen team to investigate; Eric soon shows that the death is a homicide. Eric, G, and Sam figure out that Brandon took part in laundering high-quality counterfeit $100 bills; G and Sam meet Natalie, a hot-chick agent of the Secret Service. Alex, Brandon's buddy and bunkmate, walks away from the site where Alex's car takes a long drive off a short pier at San Pedro; G and Sam catch Alex back on the roof of the hotel. Kensi meets a businessman and initiates a deal, then she tends a bar and brings in G. Work and surprises ensue, and the gang gather the pieces and put them together as they go; Natalie gets her counterfeiter, and the gang get their murderer. Natalie and G have a closing chat.

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