Breach ´2010

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An impaired driver without identification crashes a stolen car into a strip joint in Hollywood, California, in the burbs of Los Angeles; the driver dies, as does a patron, a petty officer, who was one of several Navy cryptologic technicians inside the building; further, a dancer (from the Ukraine), sustains injuries; the Callen team investigate; G, Sam, and Kensi, with support from Eric, start making the rounds of checking and chatting. G finds a body inside a refrigerator; the coroner asks about Nate. While G and Sam speak with Katya, the dancer, gunfire erupts; Sam gets a lead on an Algerian with known contacts with Islamic militant groups; G fetches some stuff for Katya from her pad, and he discovers electronic gadgets, which lead the gang down a different path. Hetty receives and conveys orders from on high to end the investigation and ship all the results to the DoD; still, though, the team grab the bad guy and turn over him and much useful information to the CIA.

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