The Slice Girls ´2012

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Dean and Sam travel to Seattle to investigate four cases where the victims were well-succeeded handsome men that had hands and feet severed and a symbol carved on their chests. The coroner tells that the DNA of the killer is not human. Dean and Sam also miss the support of Bobby and Sam goes to the local university to seek out Professor Morrison to help him to find the meaning of the symbol. Meanwhile, Dean goes the local bar, The Cobalt Room, where he meets the sexy and independent Lydia and they have one night stand in her house. On the next morning, Dean goes to Lydia's place to get Bobby's flask that he forgot there and he witnesses Lydia talking to her baby daughter Emma. Dean decides to keep them under surveillance. Meanwhile Sam discovers that the symbol is relative to Amazon warriors and they can reproduce in 36 hours. Soon Dean receives Emma in his room and learns that she is his daughter while Sam finds that all the victims were killed by their own daughters.

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