Zugzwang ´2013

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Reid's girlfriend, Maeve, who he's never even met, has been kidnapped by her stalker. Reid is certain of this fact since the kidnapper used the code words that he and Maeve had set up. He asks his colleagues for help in finding her, they who cannot do so officially, but do so in their personal time. Reid himself is in an odd situation since he can be of most help because of the thousands of hours they had talked and really gotten to know each other, but in his emotional state of being in love with Maeve, he cannot focus. As such, he requires the assistance of one of his colleagues to filter through the information covered in their conversations with him. They quickly discover Maeve's full identity, and from such discover information about her which Reid did not know and perhaps did not want to know. They also quickly discover the identity of the kidnapper, whose profile was not their initial thought. They have to understand the true nature of the kidnapper's motivations to find a hopefully still alive Maeve. Reid may factor into that motivation.

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