Penelope ´2007

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At the end of Garcia and Colby's date, Colby shoots her in the chest at close range outside of her apartment building. Before leaving the scene, Colby makes it look like a botched robbery attempt of her apartment. Garcia is rushed to hospital where the rest of the team wait in anticipation. Luckily, the bullet ricocheted in her body in such a way missing all the major vital organs. Hotch's stance is that the BAU will investigate - officially or unofficially as the situation may work itself out to be - and will not accept any other cases until this one is solved. Once Garcia regains consciousness, she is able to provide whatever information she can. However she feels that most of the factual information Colby provided about himself was probably false, and she's not trained to look for details in human behavior. Beyond Garcia's physical and emotional pain, Morgan feels the worst because of the argument he had with Garcia over Colby's possible intentions. To track him, the BAU will need the assistance of another computer analyst, Kevin Lynch, who is impressed by what Garcia has done within the confines of the agency's computer system. But an encrypted file on her computer raises some red flags within the Bureau. This leads to both the Bureau and the team learning more about the once "underground" Garcia. But Garcia eventually volunteers some information about her time away from the office which may be the key to finding Colby. Meanwhile, Colby knows that Garcia is still alive and works toward doing the job right the second time around.

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