In Heat ´2008

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Charles Luvet is found floating dead in a marina in Miami, Florida. He is the third and latest dead person in the area fitting the same profile and cause of death: fit white males in their mid twenties to thirties, traveling through the area, with the cause of death being asphyxiation and no sign of sexual abuse. Small possessions of each of the victims are taken, but not pawned. Four other men that match the victimology are also missing. The one distinct difference with Luvet is that he is a police officer. The person tasked with identifying Luvet's body is his fellow NOPD police officer, Detective Will LaMontagne, who worked on the Jones case with the BAU a year earlier. His initial second meeting with the BAU is an awkward one if only because he and J.J. are in a relationship, of which she has not told anyone on the team and which she still wants to keep a secret from them. The BAU add one more piece to the victimology when they learn that Luvet lied about his reason for traveling to Miami. When another victim is found, the BAU understand the motive for the killings and the need to take personal items from the victims. The BAU believe the key to finding the unsub is buried somewhere in the victims' or missing persons' files. Meanwhile, back at Quantico, Garcia and Kevin's relationship is progressing. And what some believe are best kept secrets aren't exactly so.

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