A Thousand Suns ´2014

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Trans Alliance flight 420 from Pittsburgh to Phoenix just crashed in a Colorado field, with only one known survivor, co-pilot Frank Canvers, of the approximately 150 aboard. A witness saw a flash of light, which could mean a surface to air missile. However, the crash area is sparsely populated largely by anarchists and extremists, which could make on-ground witness statements unreliable. The BAU is called in to determine if indeed this was an attack and if so to provide a profile of the attacker(s). The plane was off course approximately 150 miles when it crashed, and there are thirteen minutes of lost communication between the plane and air control. As the team goes through the clues, Reid comes across an issue specific to the plane which he believes is key to determining not if it was an attack, but from where the attack definitely did not originate. However, they do believe that other planes will be targeted unless they can find the attacker.

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