Hero Worship ´2015

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The BAU heads to Indianapolis, Indiana where a bomb has just exploded at a popular chain coffee house, killing several. The police believe this bomb, crudely made using TNT, is related to a bombing one week earlier at a school, also using TNT. That bomb, because it was detonated at night, killed only one, the night time custodian, who was not supposed to be in the school at the time. Based on the exact location of the coffee shop bomb, Rossi and Morgan are uncertain if the bomb was meant to be as deadly as it was or not. In relative terms, there were also some good news stories associated, where a pregnant woman was saved, she who delivered a healthy baby. A third bomb attempt coupled with other information leads to the team figuring out who the bomber is. However, that third bomb, plus the school bomb, provide the biggest clues as to the nature of the entire picture. They hope that planting a little public misinformation may help them catch the unsub.

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