What Lies Beneath ´2014

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Stefano convinces Elena not to tell Damon that he had to kill Enzo. As the other dimension is breaking down due to Marcos' Travellers' spell reversal efforts, Bonnie's grandma warns her and indeed, Enzo's invisible ghost is able to physically seek revenge. After disabling witch Luke, who worked on a spell to stop Marcos, Enzo lures the brothers and Elena into a wood cabin which he sets fire to, but is persuaded by Damon to switch side and hope to get his life back. Tyler bravely chains himself up for painful transformation to weaken his possessed body enough for Jeremy and Matt to drive Traveller Julian's spirit from it, but the spells battle complicates that too. Damon confesses to Elena he can't stop thinking of her, whether thy're together or not. The Salvatore party is joined by Bonnie and shocked to find a whole cave full of Mystic Falls inhabitants bodies, proving is largely taken over Traveller taking possession of them and the town.

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