Our Town ´2012

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Bonnie tries to open the coffin and overhears something, but Damon and Stephan arrive in the house and Damon kills the hybrid. Elena and Bonnie are preparing a birthday party for Caroline at school and Jeremy says goodbye for them. Tyler meets Caroline to tell that he would never hurt her since he loves her, but Klaus controls him. Stephan threatens Klaus and asks him to send his hybrids out of Mystic Falls and beheads one hybrid in front of Klaus to prove that he is not kidding. Klaus summons Tyler and compels him to bite Caroline, but Tyler reacts telling that he will not hurt Caroline. When Caroline arrives home, Elena, Bonnie and Matt are waiting for her; however they go to a tomb to celebrate her funeral instead. Out of the blue, Tyler appears and bites Caroline on the neck. Damon and Alaric go to a counsel meeting to raise fund to rebuild a bridge and Damon meets Klaus that tells that Stephan must stop beheading his hybrids. Meanwhile Alaric flirts with Dr. Meredith Fell and protects her against her ex-boyfriend and coroner Dr. Brian Walters. Damon unsuccessfully tries to stop Stephan from killing hybrids. Stephan abducts Elena, calls Klaus, gives her blood to her and promises to kill her, driving his car in high-speed. Klaus agrees to send the hybrids away. Klaus goes to Caroline's home and gives his blood to Caroline and saves her. Damon brings Elena home and on the next morning Jeremy travels to Denver. Alaric meets Dr. Fell while Sheriff Forbes finds Brian murdered.

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