Divestment ´2015

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Philip and and Ncgobo try to extract information from an uncooperative Venter and Elizabeth deals with the student, Todd. Nina is "rewarded" for helping the KGB get Evi's confession with a sentence reduced to 10 years; however, if she can turn the defected and recovered scientist, Anton Baklanov, she will gain her freedom. Taffet of OPR (the Office of Professional Responsibility) continues its sweep and investigates Martha and the black agent, Aderholt as Stan flies to Chicago to mourn his dead comrade. Ncgobo wants to be the one to kill Venter and Todd is forced to watch one of the most brutal executions in history. Arkady receives a phone call from Oleg's father. Nina settles into her new assignment at the facility where Russian scientists are working on Arpanet and she meets the old boss she betrayed, who is in charge. Philip and Elizabeth work hard to convince Ncgobo to let Todd live once he comes clean with what he knows about Venter. Taffet accuses Gaad of negligence in allowing the bug to be planted.

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