Born Again ´2015

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Paige gets baptized and Stan sleeps with the ditzy woman he met at EST. An old FBI partner of Stan is killed in action and he turns to his wife for comfort, but gets little. Gabriel has news for both Elizabeth and Philip. First, Irina was caught in Brazil and her son, also Philip's son, is a soldier in the Russian army in Afghanistan. Also Gabriel tells Philip he must be "intimate" with Kimmy, the girl who pretended to be 18, but is actually, only 15 like Paige, his daughter so they can have weekly access to her father's study. He tells Elizabeth to follow a college student who fell into the radar of Hans, the young man Elizabeth has been training and grooming; Gabriel says Hans has good instincts. The young man Hans followed met with a solid lead into the anti-apartheid movement in D.C., which the Centre hopes will destroy our beloved President Reagan. In Russia, Nina betrays her cellmate Evi and enjoys a steak dinner.

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